Wheel Studs

Last weekend brought the final track event for NCC BMW CCA this  year at Summit Point.  Although I had a great time as usual, the weekend wasn’t completely worry free.  If  you run wheel studs instead of bolts, you may not be aware that you need to replace them every couple of years.  I know this, but I tried to delay for the winter, but the gods of oxidation thought otherwise, teaching me a few important lessons.

Lesson 1: Don’t cheat time. If you know a part should be replaced based on time and not wear, don’t push your luck.

Lesson 2: Just because something tightens to torque, doesn’t mean it isn’t about to snap.  I broke two bolts.  Both tightened to torque when cold, even though both had already rotted half-way through.

Lesson 3: Buy a bolt extractor before you need one.

Lesson 4: Assenmacher makes a really cool stud removal tool which will make your life so much easier.  (Assenmacher, that’s funny…)

Here’s a lap when everything went right.

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