Headlight Restoration Kit

We bought a used Jetta for my daughter last week.  It’s a solid car if a bit neglected, but not abused by the previous owner.  We spend much of the last week trying to catch up on delayed maintenance and then started to sort the car.  The car is screaming for a set of lowering springs, but I have vowed not to turn it into another trackcar.  So the challenge here is to try to keep it as stock as possible and not break the bank.  One of the first things you noticed about this car was the hazy headlights.  I’ve seen the ads for these kits on TV so I picked one up at the local Wallyworld and decided to gave it a try. Think of it as cataract surgery for your car.

  1. Start with a set of hazy headlights.
  2. Tape around to protect the paint.
  3. Wet sand with the included 1000 and 3000 grit sanding pads.
  4. The result before polishing looks worse than when you started, but is ready for polishing.
  5. Attach polishing wheel to your drill and polish with the included polishing compound.
  6. Wipe with clean towel and apply protective coating. Done.

10 minutes per side.  We were so satisfied that we started carrying the Sonax kit in our store.

Hazy Before ShotTape Off EdgesWet SandSandedPolishWipe with clean towel