MINI Headlight Restoration

If you’re on the fence about using one of those restoration kits or not, then check out these photos. For about $30 and a half hour of your time, you could save several hundred dollars. You may still need to replace them eventually, but you can probably buy yourself a couple of years before incurring that expense.

Take your time to mask off the trim before you begin and only use a minimum amount of polish or you will make a huge mess.  Keep the lenses wet as you sand, and trust that the product will work as advertised.  It can be a bit disheartening to see how clouded the lenses get before the final polishing step. The results, however, are pretty dramatic. Be sure to use the final conditioning lotion at the end.  Think of it as sunscreen for your newly polished lenses. One Sonax kit will restore two sets of headlights.