New M3 Project Car

Meet the new project car, a 2004 BMW E46 M3. This is a six-speed manual car with 123K miles. It has been a dedicated track car for the past few years and already has some track modifications including sun-roof delete, rear sub-frame reinforcement, and a TC Kline suspension. We’re going to clean it up, add lightness, and see if we can build a decent track car on a budget.

Step one is to baseline and figure out what exactly you have to work with. This car has a clean accident history according to Carfax, though there’s evidence of both bumper covers having been resprayed and the rear bumper cover is cracked from a recent impact.

The car sat too long under a car cover trapping moisture from the leaky carbon fiber sunroof delete panel. The interior is very musty and there’s an excessive amount of rust on the suspension components.

We’re going to clean and freshen this interior and see if we can’t sell it to pay for race seats and a roll hoop. The leather seats are worn, but not cracked. The window tint has started to separate making the view unclear. The rear seats are hardly worn at all.

Time to get cracking.