CDC Autocross Event 5, 5.29.09


Since the BMW is still on jack-stands in the garage, I decided to take out the MINI for the Capital Driving Club autocross at Bowie Stadium this weekend. It was sunny and hot, but fortunately, not yet so humid. I was competitive with the other MINIs that were running, but I wasn’t up there with the top 15 this time. No grip on the dusty course (at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…)


You can see from the photos above that the course was quite dusty. It started with a clockwise half-loop into half a figure-eight and another half-loop into a short slalom. Across the top of the parking lot through as series of tightly spaced off-set gates with a quick right-left-right-left, followed by a loop to the finish. You sort of get a feel for it from the video, but the camera mount is too low to see the cones. I’ll have to figure out another way to mount the camera in the future.

Thanks to the CDC group photo pool for the photos of my car. I also posted a bunch of photos from heats 1 and 3 to the pool as well.

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