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Porsche Progress Report 4

One small piece of trim prevented the completion of repairs to the Porsche last week. New ETA is next Tuesday. (Can’t attache the trim, can’t put in the window. Can’t put in the window, can’t attach the door panel…) Since the garage was empty, we repainted and put down a new floor.

empty garage

So today we went back to the skidpad with some of the instructors from the local BMW club. This would have been more fun with the Porsche, but the MINI is plenty chuck-able. In this video, I’m working on the Scandinavian Flick. In one case, I manage to get the back out more than 90 degrees and still recover. Also listen for the sound of terminal understeer towards the end. I wanted to see how well the camera would pick up that sound.

Porsche Progress Report 3

The rain finally subsided today and the 911 came out of the paint booth into the sunlight. Color match is very good and the paint application is excellent. Today they will buff the clear-coat, hang the door, and reinstall the side window. If all proceeds as planned, the car will be done on Friday. Woohoo!
It’s really amazing to see how much paint technology has changed since I helped Dan paint the FIAT 28 years ago. Computer color-matching, more environmentally friendly paints, rapid drying in heated booths — none of that existed back in the day.
Somethings haven’t changed, however, such as the fact that good prep work makes for a better finished product. I think this is turning out very well.

Porsche Progress Report 2

Repairs continue according to schedule. When I walked into the front office, the office manager recognized me and asked if I had come to check up on Sally.
The rocker has been repaired; the new quarter panel has been attached; and the inside of the door has been painted. The best news though is that no additional structural damage was found once the old quarter panel was removed. It should be going into the paint booth early next week. They used all Porsche part which is reassuring.
rear view
door jam

Porsche Progress Report 1

Making progress on the Porsche repairs. Yesterday it was up on the rack to pull the damaged areas out. Tomorrow the new Porsche OEM door and rear quarter panel go into the paint booth to get the backsides painted. They should be on the car by the end of the week. The whole job should be finished by the 12th. Let’s hope they don’t find any structural damage when they cut-off the quarter panel.
rack 2

So There I Was, Minding My Own Business…

So there I was, minding my own business, actually driving the speed limit in moderate traffic on Penn Shop Road, a two-lane secondary road. The cross streets all have stop signs, Penn Shop does not. I’m taking my daughter to cross-country practice. It’s about 6 PM. I’m approaching an intersection at about 40 MPH, see a black Saab at the stop sign. The driver looks right, looks left, and just pulls out into the steady stream of traffic. Into me. Whamo. He T-bones the Porsche, hitting between the center of the passenger door and the center of the rear wheel. We do a nice 180 across the line between two on-coming cars and come to rest facing a very surprised tow-truck driver who was previously behind me. Because of the way he spun us around I had first thought he only caught our rear bumper, but sadly that was not the case.


Nobody was hurt in the accident, though my daughter has a sore back and ribs from hitting the center console. The impact didn’t set off the side airbags and the car was still drivable, though the right rear wheel is a bit toe-in. The cosmetics are easy enough to fix, the damage to the suspension and possibly the transmission is my biggest worry. I’m not looking forward to having to deal with the other insurance company to get compensated for the “diminished value” of the car either. It could have been worse: Because we spun in the intersection we didn’t end up in the ditch that’s on either side of the road. I should get the repair estimate Monday.

other angle