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We focus on proven solutions that will make you a better track driver. We test and research the best aftermarket parts that can be installed by any shade-tree mechanic with basic mechanical skills and the common sense to know the limits of what they can (and can't) do. Our catalog is growing weekly, so check back often. Also be sure to check out our DIY Blog (use at your own risk, of course) and follow us on social media through the icons below. 

Why "SpecR53?"

While instructing at the track, one of the students started asking questions about our 2006 MINI Cooper S (R53) Trackcar -- nothing unusual about that -- but at the end of our twenty minute conversation, he said something new. He said, "I'll take it." When asked to clarify, he said he wants to buy a package like this -- pulley, intake, suspension, sway-bar, seats, exhaust -- the whole thing. And just like that, SpecR53 was born. 

So all you sell are MINI parts?

We try to help our fellow track junkies where we can.  So if we can get a bargain on performance parts (especially brake pads) for our friends in their BMW or Porsche track cars, we try to serve those cars as well. Just because it's not listed, doesn't mean we can't get it -- drop us a line. We will be adding the rest of our catalog over time so please bookmark the site and check back often.

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