CravenSpeed Supercharger Reduction Pulley

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Simply the best reduction pulley you can buy for the first generation MINI Cooper S (R53). Add 20 hp to your MINI.

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Simply the best reduction pulley you can buy for the first generation MINI Cooper S (R53). Add 20 hp to your MINI.

Smaller Pulley = More Go:

  • Smaller SC pulley spins faster
  • Faster spin increases boost
  • More Boost increases acceleration
  • Easy Installation

Safe for Extended Use

CravenSpeed's supercharger pulleys are machined to a specific reduction of the original equipment on your MINI's supercharger. It is widely accepted that these sizes are safe amount of reduction on this particular supercharger. Smooth, form fitting teeth on your pulley take longer to machine but are worth the extra time. CravenSpeed pulleys will neither eat nor throw your belt. You can be confident your belt will last long, and run quietly. We do recommend using a slightly smaller belt with these reduction pulleys. 

15% or 17%?

If both sizes are safe for the supercharger which one should you choose? The supercharger is only creating boost under acceleration, on a normal or even a spirited drive this is only occasional. However, at the track or an autocross event acceleration is sustained and frequent. If you use your MINI for these types of events, it is better to use the 15% reduction pulley. This is because the 17% pulley causes the supercharger to heat more rapidly and the warm air begins to negate the positive effects of the extra PSI earlier in the band.

Will it work on my car?

This pulley kit will work on all supercharged MINI models except the JCW which already has a similarly reduced size (12%) pulley on the supercharger.  If you would like to upgrade a JCW MINI, consider a 17% kit instead. If you plan on wrenching on your own, make sure you have a puller designed to remove the MINI's press-fit OEM pulley (not included).

Change the belt

Replace your belt when you upgrade your pulley and every 25,000 miles thereafter. Gates belt K060535 is recommended (not included). This belt is shorter than the stock belt and is recommended for both 15% or 17% reduction pulleys.

What else do I need?

Either pulley works with your stock ECU. You will need to replace your belt. We recommend changing your spark plugs to one-step colder heat range.  If you're installing the pulley yourself, you need a special pulley tool. Lucky for you, we sell all of these items.