CG Lock. Performance Add-On For Your Seatbelt! No Sliding in your Seat!


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The CG-Lock clamps to the tongue of your daily driver's existing 3-point, factory installed seat belt. Once installed, pulling up on the shoulder belt tightens the lap belt portion "racing harness tight" - keeping it as tight as you want until you release it. The shoulder harness remains unrestrained as normal for maximum arm and upper body movement.

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By providing you with about 80% of the holding power of a full racing harness, the CG-Lock (the "CG" stands for "Center of Gravity") prevents you from sliding in your seat. The CG-Lock lets you keep your feet and hands light on the pedals and wheel resulting in better control, faster reactions, and less fatigue. Becoming "one with the vehicle" helps you feel the road and the car's "balance", enhancing your driving abilities.  

Will It Work in My Car?

The CG-Lock is designed to work with single pass seat belt tongues as shown below.  The current version of the CG-Lock will not work correctly on vehicles with multiple pass seat belt tongues.

CG-Lock diagram illustrtating difference between single pass tongue and multiple pass tongue.

The CG-Lock is very simple and quick to install. No drilling or bolts are required. The CG-Lock can be removed and leaves no damage to your vehicle's seat belt. The only tool you need is the supplied Allen wrench.