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This false buckle is the easiest way to turn off the alarm in your car that goes off when you have heavy items on your passenger seat. Plug it in and you are free to put heavy items on the seat without hearing the incessant chiming.

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In the interest of safety; your car has a scale on the passenger seat that allows the computer to decide if there is a passenger sitting there. If there is a passenger the car will remind you again and again with lights and bells and whistles that they should have a seat belt on. That is great, IF you really do have a passenger there instead of:
  • A dog
  • A briefcase
  • Groceries
  • A Laptop
  • Tools
Since you just have stuff on the seat, the Chime is just an annoyance. So, get yourself a Chimex and stop hearing your car complain.
The Chimex is the correct size and shape for a variety of vehicles, and it looks a lot better than that old buckle you cut out of a car at the junkyard. Here are some examples:
  • BMW 3 Series
  • MINI Cooper (All Models, including Countryman)
  • Scion xB
  • Audi A3
Sold individually.