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Bumble bees need love too

This E36M3 was really loved by someone. The roof was painted black by brush and the front of the car sprayed yellow with rattle-can paint and no clear coat. Much of the factory clear is failing or missing on the rest of the car and there appear to be at least two layers of yellow on much of the car. But just because it’s oxidized and faded to different shades, doesn’t mean it won’t take a polish.  You just have to be careful to balance how much you remove by polishing against how much paint remains.

This car is for sale, so the goal was to create a pop in the eyes of a potential buyer from 10 feet away. Once you get that close, the conversation shifts from how it looks to the modifications made for the track anyway. This would make a great project for anyone looking to make that leap from tracking their daily driver to having a dedicated track car.

This car is for sale. Contact TIER Car Care for details.

Services: Deep cleaning, clay bar, paint correction, paint polish, paint sealant, trim coating, and headlight polishing.