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MINI DIY Project Index

DIY MINI Projects by Category


  1. Brakes
  2. Engine & Drivetrain
  3. Exterior
  4. Interior
  5. Suspension

1. Brakes

How to change your brake pads.
How to replace cracked and brittle caliper dust boots.
How and when to rebuild brake calipers.
How to create a simple front brake duct.
How to install racing brake ducts.
Tips for installing Wilwood Rear Calipers.
How to replace a broken parking brake cable.
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2. Engine & Drivetrain

How to change your oil.
How to reset the oil service light after an oil change.
How to get more air to your cold air intake.
How to install an intercooler diverter.
How to close the diverter gap.
How to install silicone IC couplers.
How to install the Detroittuned Bypass Valve.
How to replace your Motor Mount.
How to delete your entire AC system.
How to replace your crank damper, part 1.
How to replace your crank damper, part 2.
How to install a cat-back exhaust system.
How to change manual transmission/differential fluid.
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3. Exterior

How to build an inexpensive grille for your hood scoop.
How to fit a Shark Fin antenna on an 02-04 MINI.
How to replace A Pillar Trim.
How to install an extension to your rear roof spoiler.
How to modify your rear brake lights on an 02-04 MINI.
How to restore your headlights.
How to repair paint chips with Dr. Colorchip
How to replace your mirror caps.
How to install aftermarket fog or driving lights.
How to install OEM fog lights.
How to retrofit a rear fog light in 05-06 MINI.
How to build an inexpensive front splitter.
How to modify your splitter for your aftermarket fog lights.
How to fit GP underbody panels on 02-06 MINI.
How to retrofit the Aero Grille Kit on R53 MINI.
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4. Interior

How to replace the hand brake handle.
How to install an adjustable short shifter.
How to install a shift well cover.
How to retrofit black-out door sill plates.
How to install SiriusXM radio with stock head unit.
How to install aftermarket speakers.
How to use carbon fiber overlay on interior trim pieces.
How to replace the accelerator pedal.
How to install aftermarket pedal covers.
How to install RS style door handles.
How to replace the steering column shaft.
How to install a MINI steering wheel.
How to install an aftermarket steering wheel.
How to replace the horns and slip ring.
How to install gauge pods.
How to install oil pressure and temperature gauges.
How to install competition seats.
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5. Suspension

How to install a rear sway bar.
How to install a front sway bar.
How to install strut tower defenders.
How to install wheel studs.
How to replace a broken ABS pulse generator.
How to install adjustable camber plates.
How to install adjustable rear camber arms.
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