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CravenSpeed Shift Well Cover DIY

To close out the interior refresh on the trackcar, I installed a CravenSpeed Shift Well Cover this week. Besides protecting the shifter from accidental damage — it just looks cool. If you’ve installed an adjustable short shifter, the biggest advantage is ease of access to the adjustment lock. Installation is very simple and should be completed in about 30 minutes. Torx drivers and a trim pry tool are the only specialty tools required. Since the electrical connections to the charger port and the mirror/heated seats switch have to be removed, disconnect the battery before you start.

  • Remove the shift knob. (For the stock knob it just pulls off.  Just make sure you don’t fly into the roof when it comes off.)
  • Gently pry around the shift boot retaining ring to free it from the console and invert the boot.
  • Cut the zip-tie to release the boot and pull it free of the shift lever.  You won’t be using it or the retaining ring again.
  • Remove the torx screws and pull the trim away from the radio console.
  • Gently pry on the mirror/heated seat switch panel. (Six metal retaining clips have to be disengaged. Two on either side and one on each end.) Be careful as you pull it away from the console as the clips may fall out.
  • Note the color and location of each wire connector and disconnect all of them.
  • Now remove the four screws holding down the console.  Two are under the cup holders and two are under the switch panel you just removed.
  • Pull up slightly on the console and unplug the socket charger.
  • Pull the console up along the pillars and off.
  • Position the Shift Well Cover as shown in the photo below with the circle to the lower right when the console is upside down and secure with the screws and washers provided.
  • If you have an adjustable shifter, remove the adjustment collar.
  • Place the spring over the shifter so it rests on top of the center pivot.
  • Place the rubber grommet inside of the dust cover and slide it over the lever so it rests on the spring. (It can be installed with either the textured or smooth side up.)
  • Reinstall the console by sliding it over the pillars and shifter, connect the charger connections, and reinstall the four screws.
  • Reconnect the switch panel electrical connections and press back into place.
  • Reinstall the adjustment collar on adjustable shifters.
  • Reinstall the shift knob and reconnect the battery.

Official CravenSpeed instructions are here.