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M7 Scoop & Feather Wheels

Since I had the respirator out and the garage all in “spray-booth” mode, I went ahead and painted the M7 Extreme Scoop I bought last Fall. I’m not sure it actually improves performance of the inter-cooler at all, but it seems like it does according to the butt-dyno.

M7 Scoop

My cunning plan for this autocross season is to run a set of Kumho V710 225/50/15s on Konig Feather wheels. The wheels finally came last week and now I just need to get the tires shoe-horned on the rims and see if they will fit without wheel spacers.

Konig Feathermounted tires

The Wheels are about 12 lbs. each and “the Light-Weight-Oriented wheel is produced by excellent design and with great precision, technology and manufacturing method for limited merchandise in solid structure and ultra light weight.” [tag on each wheel] Who can argue with that? Update: Here they are mounted. Now to find some bolts that fit…