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SPC FASTRAX Adjustable Camber/Caster Gauge

Another tool you need and didn’t know about. If you keep messing with suspension set-ups like I do, then you need this camber gauge by SPC. The FASTRAX™ Hands Free Adjustable Camber/Caster Gauge comes in two models: the 91010 which fits wheels 17-22 inches in diameter; and the model 91000 which is for wheels 13-17 inches in diameter. I like this gauge because it’s easy to use following the instructions included in the box and has several additional optional components like wings so you can set toe, and adapters for wheels without lips.
Check Level Ground
The gauge comes preset for level ground from the factory. The level can be adjusted to account for unlevel ground, or just measure the ground and compensate when you set the camber.
Attach to wheel
In this example, I’m actually using the model 91010 on 16 inch wheels.
The left side of our garage was almost level — only 0.25 degrees off, so we just added that to our target camber setting. We lengthened the control arm until the gauge showed 2.0 degrees of negative camber. Subtract the 0.25 error and you get the final camber of 1.75 degrees negative.