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Stealth Gets a New Steering Wheel

New Steering Wheel

The weather gods finally took pity on us in Maryland and gave us a seasonably warm weekend. With about two months of work to catch up on, I tried to spend as much time outside as I could. I managed to install a new steering wheel in the Stealth BMW. Install is fairly straight-forward:

  • Disconnect battery
  • Gently pry out Roundel to get to the nut
  • Using your handy-dandy anti-theft wheel lock, for leverage, remove the nut and washer
  • Turn your key to position 1 to release the lock
  • Remove old steering wheel
  • Installation is the reverse of removal

In this instance, installation consisted of a BMW hub adapter, 15mm extension ring, and competition wheel. It is quite a bit smaller than the standard BMW wheel and fairly thick.