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DIY Tether for Garmin Catalyst

We recently reviewed the Garmin Catalyst Cage Mount and started thinking that perhaps there was a simpler DIY solution to tethering your device. The cage is a great solution if you want to permanently mount the device in your car, but what if you just want an option to tether it securely and still remove it when needed. This might be a good solution for you. (Note: It isn’t supported by Garmin and nor necessarily recommending in all cases. Check your rulebook first.)

The video explains the process and more detailed photos are available below.

Start by locating the mounting point for the removable lower panel and remove the silver screw.

Compare the size of the tether end to the available space and shape it accordingly. We had to shave the sides and bend to fit the contour of the device.

And just screw it in place.

Close the lower panel and test.

Now place it back in the magnetic mount. We used a longer tether to hold the mount to the car, and then a shorter tether to hold the device to the mount. Both tethers are using a small clip we mounted into the window mount.

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