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Rust Never Sleeps

MINI rust

Rust… Rust Never Sleeps. Deep breath. Flashbacks to Alfas of the past… Don’t panic. If you’ve been following the threads on the message boards lately, MINI owners are in a tizzy because of a little rust under the door seal. It’s amazing how far automobile manufacturing has come that a little rust now causes a big stir. I remember how Alfas used to rust before they left the factory.

Yes, there are a couple of places that are likely to rust. Yes it’s covered under the extended rust warranty. Now move on. Here’s what you do: First, just pull on the seal and see if you have it. There are two spots that seem to have missed getting painted in the overly-complex paint-dipping mechanism (to quote Dr. Evil), and a spot toward the front that seems to be a production gap. Next, use a small brass brush to knock the surface rust off. And finally, paint a dab of Por-15 to seal it. Let dry and put your seal back on. Be sure to check the other side.