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SEMA Show 2019

SEMA Show 2019 in Las Vegas is a wrap. I like to go each year to try to get a pulse of the health of the market. Although the trend toward off-road and light-duty trucks continues, the performance after market remains strong.

You don’t see many MINIs any longer. The darling of the market at the moment is the new Supra. In fact, you couldn’t swing a dead Prius without hitting one. It looks like a solid platform for modification, even if the style really isn’t to my taste. Here’s the one MINI I did find.

Drifting really isn’t my thing, but I do appreciate the car control skill on demonstration here.

I also enjoy seeing the cars from the Battle of the Builders competition.

The AAPEX show is at the Sands Center at the same time each year. This show is more focused on the repair industry, but they always have some interesting cars on display.