Cool Tools: Universal Steering Knuckle Spreader Tool

If you’re planning on replacing a front strut on certain Audis, BMWs, or VWs, you need this tool. It’s great for cars where the base of the front strut is held in the steering knuckle by a pinch-bolt (and, in most cases it seems, rust and years of grime.) If there’s room to get a screw-driver into the slot to pry, then this will work better (sorry MINI.) If you’ve ever struggled to free one with PB-blaster, a large screw-driver, and will-power, you’ve inevitably thought, there must be a tool for this.  Well there is and it will cost you $69.95 which may be the tool-bargain of the century.  It’s from SPC Performance and it’s part number 37980.  Watch this video by SPC to see how it’s used.